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True Blue Physiological Horse Dentistry

Huub Rietberg getting his Natural Balance Dentistry Diploma

from Spencer LaFlure in 2016!

Physiological Horse Dentistry is based on Natural Balance Dentistry but has evolved into a complete treatement of the stomatognatic system. PHD is focused on correcting full biomechanical movement of the mouth, head and nek in relation to the entire body of the horse. The result of a full treatement is:

A horse in balance with improved willingness to coƶperate because of a fully functional body.

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True Blue Physiological Horse Dentistry provides the highest level op Biomechanically correct Horse Dentistry.

You can make an appointment by sending a request to WhatsApp at +32 484 033 183 or send a message to


Amable Paard en Inzicht

In deze video wordt Llevado behandelt door paardentandarts Huub Rietberg. Huub Rietberg is geen “normale” tandarts maar een natural balance tandarts, hij besteed dus niet alleen aandacht aan de haken op de kiezen e.d. maar ook aan de bewegelijkheid in het kaakgewricht, en de balans binnen het gebit.

Bedankt Danielle Meyboom


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Huub Rietberg

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